Events – How to Welcome Refugees

We are working with Spring Harvest Festival, Hillsong UK and Audacious Church, Manchester. If you and anyone you know in your church or community would like to learn more about or get involved with resettling refugees in your locality then these are the events for you!


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Learning the wisdom of kindsight

Many Christians live with a sense of guilt but it doesn’t need to be that way. We have all messed up and fallen short. Kindsight informs how we can interpret and accept the past, negotiate and enjoy the present, and remain optimistic for the future.

Tania Bright reveals how to develop a habit of loving, forgiving and being kind to ourselves. She teaches us to embrace our failures and fears and see them differently. We are never unredeemable or beyond the love and grace of God. Quite the opposite: He forgives, and He offers kindness. The failures are an opportunity to learn.

Tackling a range of subjects more often characterized by pain than kindness – shame, bad relationships, loss, burnout, parenting, and debt – Tania Bright offers a sense of relief to those who live with the nagging sense that they are not up to what God and the world around them would expect.

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Well, I finally have a technological home. A place to interact with some of the outstanding people I come across.  There’s so many people to listen to and learn from. What I most desire from this “gathering place” is to laugh together, listen together, harness opportunities and in years to come say we grew in faith and life ….. together.

I hope you find on this site encouragement; equipping; helpful thought-bytes and resources that move us. Let’s deepen our faith; greaten our risk taking; and magnify our contribution wherever “we’re at”.

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