Tarn (as affectionately known) is focussed on community renewal through relationships, reform and innovation, lending her professional acumen and 14 years ministerial experience to a variety of high impact organisations such as Love146 (Board); Chapel Street (Group Director); For Refugees (Executive Director) and Spring Harvest (Member of the Board).

She is a keynote speaker and seminar contributor at Spring Harvest, New Wine, Premier Radio, Premier Woman to Woman, CGI churches, Elim Regional Days, Women Walking with God (Edinburgh) and many churches and groups of all persuasions across the UK.

Tarn has two beautiful adopted boys who are her pride and joy.

Current Interests:



    • FTSE100 background in Global Procurement and international Contract Negotiation
    • Studied Pastoral Leadership at Hillsong Leadership College in Sydney 2000-2002
    • Trained by Jim McNeish, House of Cantle, in Bio-dynamics and Dimensions of Leadership
    • Church leadership across various denominations and disciplines since 2002
    • Experienced consultant and advisor across the charity sector in Leadership; Strategy and Performance Enhancement
    • Mentor : Spiritual development and personal life
    • Motivational speaker; preacher and teacher. On most taboo subjects, such as Sex; Addiction; Loss; Bereavement; Infertility as well as Biblical Exposition and Life Style
    • Specialist background in youth and community development
    • Co-founded Community Home fostering homeless teenagers in 2008
    • Cleared at Level 2 Fostering at local authority assessment level and also as adoptive parent


But what’s really important about me is

I laugh alot; I really love being in good company; I adore comedy genius’s; I’ve always got your back; I see potential in everyone and everything; I want to know my weakness, and often ask for the gift of feedback; I get bored with routine; I can only do ‘serious’ for a few hours, then a belly laugh is needed :0)

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