Has The Mariposa Trust (sayinggoodbye.org) supported you, a loved one or a friend? If the answer is yes…..then PLEASE will you help us?

We urgently need people to skydive for us this year ‘Jump for Love’ and also take part in ‘Wax for Love’. (Now if you want to help…..but can’t do one of these events, PLEASE get in touch, as there are so many other things you could do instead.)


So what is ‘Jump for Love’?

You may have heard about our national skydiving event ‘Jump for Love’. This year and every year, we want to have every baby that has been lost due to miscarriage and still birth be honoured. Each year 254,000 babies are lost through miscarriage and stillbirth, so that means we NEED 254 jumpers, who will each represent not only their own baby (or a family or friends baby), but also 1000’s of others.


How does this help the charity?

Well by raising money for your jump, you will help keep the charity running. In addition to fundraising, your jump will generate press coverage and local support, which all helps to raise the charity’s profile around the UK.

So are you up for this incredible challenge?

We need 254 jumpers ASAP, and if you would sign up it would mean the world to us.

All jumps can be arranged on a date to suit you, and at a location nearest to your home.

For more information email Jody – jody.jones@sayinggoodbye.org.

We also have a website if you would like to read more info www.jumpforlove.co.uk


What is ‘Wax for Love’?

Wax for Love is a National Fundraising project for the Mariposa Trust.

We are asking men across the UK to get waxed…legs, arms, chest, back…one or all of the above. The more you wax, the more we hope you can raise.

Wherever you are in the UK or Internationally, we want you to forget about the pain and step up to the challenge of the wax. Have your legs, arms, back or chest waxed or go for it all the choice is yours and remember it is only temporary and SHOULD grow back…

To sign up please email Jody –


Thanks for reading this post…..and PLEASE get in touch today and also share this post on social media….WE NEED YOUR HELP. Thank you xxx