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“To our very supportive partners and supporters, we are thankful that after Typhoon Haiyan hit us you did not only watch us through televisions but you saw us and prayed for us; we felt and received the help of our Lord through you,” Pastor Ursulo de la Pena emotionally states. 

On November 8 2013, Typhoon Haiyan battered the Philippines and became the strongest tropical cyclone the country had ever experienced. The world watched as the storm’s high speed winds thrashed several Philippine provinces, killed thousands of people and displaced more than 3 million families. Although the country faced widespread devastation, not a single Compassion child was seriously injured, praise God.

The Compassion UK appeal, in response to this disaster raised an incredible £442,644, thanks to a large number of generous British supporters. This money enabled local churches and Compassion projects throughout the Philippines to ensure the safety of children and their wider families in their desperate time of need. One of these was the Christian Church Fellowship International, who look after 166 sponsored children. The photograph below can only start to express the devastation they faced as the typhoon ripped through the project.

The pastor and other leaders of the project did not know where to begin picking up the crumbled pieces. “I lost hope, I didn’t know what to do,” states Pastor Ursulo de la Pena. That was until Compassion stepped in with the appeal funds generous supporters donated. Pastor Ursulo de la Pena continues, “because of you, it encouraged us to do our job well and to implement well the help that you sent.”

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Recently the project celebrated the completion of its new building with a theme of ‘Looking back with grace, looking forward with hope’. Pastor Ursulo de la Pena openly thanked Compassion sponsors for helping them to rebuild, “If we did this on our own, it would seem impossible but it became possible because of God’s guidance, as he touched the hearts of people to have an open heart to give help. So, thank you very much to Compassion.”

Watch the video below as we celebrate all that Compassion have been able to achieve in the Philippines over the last year, as a result of the incredible amount UK supporters donated.

Thank you for enabling Compassion to respond in this time of need, you made this possible.

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