Marcus has been employed in the field of child welfare for the past 15 years. He was employed by the Department of Children and Families for 14 years, working in child protective services . The last 8 years of his employment at the Department of Children and Families, Marcus was charged with training and licensing foster parents using the PRIDE model.

He is recognized in the State of Connecticut as an expert witness in his professional capacity for Superior Court for Juvenile Matters.

Marcus has been teaching at the college level for the past 8 years. Marcus has taught at the University of Connecticut and Post University. He is currently an adjunct professor at University of Bridgeport.

Marcus was selected to be a member of the Disaster Behavioral Health Response Network (DBHRN) which formed in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorism and is a joint DMHAS/DCF initiative in conjunction with the University of Connecticut. The purpose of DBHRN is to organize a network of behavioral health providers to respond to the mental health needs of Connecticut residents following major disasters.

Marcus was deployed into action on the morning of 12/14/12, after the horrific school shooting at Sandy Hook. He was on the scene to provide support to the families as they were told of the untimely deaths of their children. He was then assigned to be a regional co-leader for DBHRN and headed a team of 17 social workers and clinicians that were assigned to provide on-going support to staff and students at Newtown High School following the tragedy.

As a result of his work in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy, Marcus received a special invitation from the White House to attend President Obama’s April 8th Speech on Gun Control at the University of Hartford.

Shortly after departing with Connecticut’s Child Protective Services, he began providing training and consultation services with the Child Welfare League of America. With a territory spanning the entire Eastern Seaboard, he has had the opportunity to observe how other agencies successfully keep families together and children safe.

Marcus is also the owner of Stallworth Counseling Services which provides individual, family, and group therapy services.

In addition, Marcus continues to be a part of several other community initiatives and he is excited about joining the Love146 team.

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