The Syrian people desperately need our prayers.

Up to 100 people have died in the Idlib province of northern Syria after victims were exposed to a toxic gas that survivors said was dropped from warplanes.

Survivors and aid workers on the scene said they are still in shock and struggling to recover from the distressing event of the attack.

This morning, the US Government fired missiles at a Syrian government airbase, which has provoked a strong reaction from Russia and further escalated tensions in the region.

The Syrian government has repeatedly denied any involvement in launching the recent wave of chemical attacks. Bashar al-Assad was supposed to have got rid of all the government’s chemical weapons in 2014.

Both leaders of the Anglican and Catholic churches have spoken out against the horror that is unfolding in Idlib. Earlier this week, the Archbishop of Canterbury tweeted this statement in response to revelations that chemical weapons were used on civilians:

On Wednesday, Pope Francis condemned the “unacceptable massacre” and said this:

“In this season of Lent when Christians draw near to the suffering of Christ, let us match the horrific indifference shown for innocent life with a fervent prayer for love to break through the evil.”

As you read this email, thousands of Syrians are abandoning their livelihoods, homes, and even families for the safety of refugee camps in neighbouring countries. Some are making the perilous journey across the Mediterranean to reach European countries.

Here is how you can #PrayforSyria today:

  • For the victims and all those affected by the attacks, that they may find comfort, peace and reassurance, practically and spiritually.
  • For those who are responsible for the attacks, that they may be brought to justice, recognise the magnitude of suffering caused by their decisions and come to repentance, seeking forgiveness from the Lord.
  • For the faith of Syrian Christians to remain firm in these trials, setting their eternal hope on Jesus Christ.
  • For all Syrian refugees who have been displaced by 6 years of civil war to find safe places of welcome.
  • For divine wisdom and discernment to be given to all those in governing authority, that they may look beyond their own interests and work together to bring about enduring peace.
  • For NGOs and aid workers on the ground to be able to continue their vital work in safety and not be discouraged by recent events.
  • For the Global Church to welcome Syrian refugees with a spirit of openness, and to be faithful to Jesus’s command of loving your thy neighbour by being good samaritans to those who are different to us in religion and culture.

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