7:25 – 6 NOV 2014 – ITV Good Morning Britain

We’ve lost so much of our lives, we need to make up for it now.

– Colin and Pauline

Out of the 663 children on the Adoption Register, more than half are part of sibling groups. Sadly though, there is a huge shortage of people coming forward to adopt brothers and sisters.

Children who need to be adopted have usually had a hard start in life and it is even more important for them to experience the stability and support that being with their siblings can bring. Sibling groups often have to wait longer than individual children to be adopted.

This year’s National Adoption Week run by the British Association for Adoption and Fostering, is focussing on encouraging more would be parents who can adopt brothers and sisters, to come forward.

We meet Pauline and Colin who have been reunited after being parted as children.

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