I sometimes find it a little tricky to be cheery during this time of year. The winter nights are drawing in, there’s a definite chill in the air, I have officially cracked out my hot water bottle and the Christmas holidays still seem a long way off! I thought therefore that I’d share a couple of stories that brought a smile to my face this morning.

I read of two children who were hugely blessed by Compassion’s Christmas Fund last year. Meet Brielle and her grandmother Yvette and Norry.

Children present wrapped presents at Christmas time in a group a

Brielle, Delmas 31 Polonge Child Development Centre, Haiti

Christmas is a difficult time for Yvette Pierre.  As the sole caregiver for her granddaughter Brielle, feeding and providing for Brielle on a daily basis is a significant challenge, let alone the financial challenges the Christmas season brings.

Yvette’s burden has been lightened by the fact that Brielle was enrolled in the Compassion project run by Mais-Gate Wesleyan Church of Delma a year ago. Now Yvette can be confident that Brielle will go to school, receive nutritious food and receive health check-ups.

Yvette explains that knowing Brielle’s future is secure is a great relief but she was still faced with a huge dilemma last Christmas. “My granddaughter and I became part of the Child Sponsorship Programme one year ago. Her mother used to take her to the project, but now it’s all down to me to look after her well-being. At Christmas I could not afford to offer her anything.”

Thanks to the generous support of Compassion sponsors, Yvette’s fears were relieved. Brielle received a gift and the family was able to attend a Christmas celebration and meal at the project.

“This Christmas celebration brings joy to my granddaughter”, says Yvette with a smile on her face.


Norry Gusty Gustinvil stands beside her family smiling
10-year-old Norry, Silbert Child Development Centre, Haiti

“I don’t believe in Santa Claus, but I know what Christmas is about: that is joy—the joy you have when you receive a gift from a thoughtful person. Back in the days, I seldom used to receive gifts from my godmother and my godfather. That is why when I have the chance to receive something, I am very happy. Since being part of my Compassion project, I started to receive a Christmas gift year after year, and I must confess that it is a blessing to receive a gift out of joy that you will share with your brothers and sisters. I have been taught that Christmas is about joy, love and sharing. This year, I received a nice toy that will help me to learn how to count and say other words in Spanish, which I find very interesting.”

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